At BARC we regularly undertake village and community sterilization days to help the local Balinese people and their dogs and cats. At the current time we organize these events at least once or twice a week, but with more regular funding, we could do these days even more often! During a sterilization day we sterilize between 15-20 dogs and cats FREE for the local Balinese. This has a huge impact within the community, as one un-sterilized female dog and her offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 puppies and an un-sterilized female cat can produce 370,000 kittens over 6 years. Sterilizing 15-20 animals during one event means this stops the cycle of unwanted litters and suffering of thousands of animals which need not be thrown away or left to starve. BARC also offered FREE rabies vaccinations for local dogs and cats during their sterilization event. This is very important in the fight to eradicate rabies once and for all from the island. These days are also an opportunity for educating the public on the importance of preventative treatments such as complete vaccines, worming and tick treatments and doctors also often give free treatment for skin conditions during the event. Providing locals who otherwise could not afford to sterilize their pets and street dogs in their communities has other benefits in addition to preventing unwanted litters. Sterilized dogs are less likely to wander and fight, but rather stay close to their family’s compound; they also have a reduced the risk of spreading the nasty sexually transmissible cancer (CTVT) found across Bali. Sterilized dogs are healthier and stronger as females are not producing litter after litter and males do not need to fight for mates. Our sterilization day program has widespread support within the Balinese community as they see the benefits of having a healthy dog population which benefits their society. We always have a backlog of sterilization day requests; we are limited by funding, but do as much as we can within our capacity. Become a STERILISATION DAY MONTHLY SPONSOR and support our work in preventing the suffering in Bali. You can also help by collecting donations such as sterile gloves, suture and medicines to keep our costs low, so we can sterilize more animals!


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