Short for Fish-Face, Fifa got her name as a six-week-old hairless puppy after being rescued.

Tiny little Fifa was living underneath a huge rubbish bin. Surviving on rotten food, and all the tiny scraps she could salvage, this sweet natured girl was only able to access food that the larger dogs were uninterested in.

Fifa would run and hide in fear under the dumpster when a larger dog approached.

En route to the Refuge, Fifa projectile vomited rotten all over the motorbike and Ebony!

With a bad immune system, Fifa has a skin condition that comes and goes and makes her a difficult dog to adopt into a home.


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Signing up to support Asha under our virtual adoption program is just like adopting your own dog, without the day to day work involved. Your contribution covers the cost of her care and energetically lets her know that someone out there is thinking about her! You will receive updates and be able to form a bond with Asha, and who knows, you may someday make it to Bali for some cuddle time.