Driving along the main road, returning from a short trip to Lovina, Ebony and Linda spotted a lady selling grapes on the side of the road. Underneath the cart, they saw two tiny black blobs, which turned out to be tiny puppies. After asking the stall owner if they belonged to her, they were told that they were not owned by anybody. They were living in hope under her grape stall that a stray grape might fall from the bunch, and this was the only food the two dogs had eaten.

The pair had very little hair, most likely as a result of malnutrition. After bringing them both back to the refuge, they had no idea what dog food was. They were unsure of whether to eat it, probably wondering when the grapes were coming back; for three days they never ate, because all they wanted were grapes! Of course their hunger got the better of them, and they finally learned that they were dogs and ate food like the other puppies.
It is amazing that they had survived…we are thinking of offering Monica a grape, and wonder whether she would still know what they are! Her sister was adopted to a nice family. If BARC hadn’t picked them up that day, no doubt the streets would have claimed another two puppies.

Monica’s teeth are now every which way! We are not sure if this is a lack of calcium early in life, but we still think she is lovely! For less than a bunch of grapes a week, you can sponsor our crooked-toothed lass by following the link!


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Signing up to support Asha under our virtual adoption program is just like adopting your own dog, without the day to day work involved. Your contribution covers the cost of her care and energetically lets her know that someone out there is thinking about her! You will receive updates and be able to form a bond with Asha, and who knows, you may someday make it to Bali for some cuddle time.