Nina was living on the streets fighting for survival when she came to us as an 8 week old puppy. She had a bad skin condition and her front right leg is missing. Too young to have had an operation it was established that she was born that way, and was likely dumped both because of her condition, but also because she was female.

Her siblings had died on the street, but little Nina is a survivor.

This is Nina has been with BARC since this time, and is enjoying life in the BARC Sanctuary. She is another dog that is likely to live out her life with BARC.


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Signing up to support Nina under our virtual adoption program is just like adopting your own dog, without the day to day work involved. Your contribution covers the cost of her care and energetically lets her know that someone out there is thinking about her! You will receive updates and be able to form a bond with Nina, and who knows, you may someday make it to Bali for some cuddle time.