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BARC has over  19,000 facebook likes – Yet we only have 329 monthly sponsors.

The donations from our monthly sponsors goes to pay our bills.

Things like: food for the dogs, medical care for the dogs, the wages for staff who care for the dogs.

At the moment we don’t have enough money coming in each month to cover costs associated with looking after the 350+ animals in our care.

That’s why in the year 2016 – we want you to help us get too 20,016 monthly sponsors

We need everyone who is a facebook fan to sign up for monthly sponsorship

We only need you ALL to sign up for $5 a month

Can you spare $5 a month to help save hundreds and possibly thousands of animals?

Can you go without: A magazine a month – Or a latte a month – Or a beer a month

Or a couple of chocolate bars a month – Or a fast food meal a month

Can you spare only $5 a month to help us continue Our life saving work?

The more sponsors that sign up, the more animals we can save and the more work that we can do.

We could expand our education program to teach the bailanes community how to care for their animals -We could expand our sterilization program tp help end the suffering of unwanted puppies -We can work on shutting down the cruel dog meat industry on the island.

And of course feed and care for the 350+ animals in our care

Can you spare $5 to help save lives?

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