Sylvie was yet another victim of being hit by a car. She was being fed by a kind local who brought her to BARC. She was sent to Sunset Vet for X-Rays that showed she had compression on her spine. With the right medicine and physio, Sylvie has regained function in her legs. She is walking almost normally now and is ready for adoption.

Can you donate to help cover Sylvies costs?

This sweet girl was struggling on the streets in a village just outside of Ubud after being hit by a car or a motorbike. She was rescued by Dewa, a local Balinese taxi driver who was regularly feeding her, but didn’t know what else he could do to help her. One of his clients was an avid BARC foster carer, named Sylvie. She suggested that BARC could actually help. So Dewa brought her over the next day! And together we decided that ‘Sylvie’ was the perfect name for this beautiful dog.

We believe the accident happened quite some time ago. X-rays revealed that none of the bones were broken but she had a compression on her spine. Confident that with regular physiotherapy, she would learn to walk again, we began the process.

This short video shows Sylvie when she first arrived at BARC. She had just had her first bath and ! From day one, Sylvie knew that she was safe with us. She was so patient and relaxed. She is such a sweet dog and an inspiration to us all. Watch this space to follow her progress over the next couple of months! If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating to BARC to help cover the costs of her medical treatment, vaccinations, sterilisation and general care. Simply mention her name in payment.