“Please can you help?”

This is a call that we receive far too many times every single day. Dogs and puppies in trouble, in pain and suffering. It is a call that we simply can’t ignore!

Although at the same time, sadly, we can’t take in every case. Our quarantine cages are always full, often with a waiting list of dogs to come in when an availability arises. Rescue cases are often prioritized for entry, we call on other independent rescuers for support, sometimes they go directly to Sunset Vet and other times we may be able to locate a local foster carer to take them one. It really can be quite a juggling act!

Then of course there is the financial element that must be remembered as well?!? While Bali is comparatively inexpensive to Australia, US and other locations around the world. Each new case still adds to our already overstretched budget.

This is where you can play a part! Donating to our virtual rescue program makes our job that little bit easier. Funds raised through this program go directly into the cost of caring for our latest rescues. And for some – this is the difference between life and death! 

Donate Today! And know you are saving a life.


They truly do come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all different conditions; from tiny puppies to adult dogs, from those who have been on the streets for years to those who were dumped only a short time before.

Donating to our rescue program helps us to help them!

rescue puppy