We are un-able to accept volunteers in Bali at this time due to difficulties in obtaining the correct visa. Please do not email us inquiring about volunteering in Bali.

We can not accept unsolicited job applications from foreigners.

We can not accept paid or volunteer vets or vet nurses from overseas. It is illegal for foreign vets to practice in Bali.

We can only use the services of a licenced Indonesian vet or vet nurse. If you are an Indonesian citizen wishing to express interest in working for us please email us rescue@barc4balidogs.orga.au for more information.

Bali foster homes for puppies

However if you live in Bali or are staying for an extend period of time, and can not commit to adopting a dog, then why become a foster parent?

Foster care is a critical part of getting puppies socialized and ready for adoption, it gives them time away from the center where they can be subject to sickness and keeps them safe and healthy till they are fully vaccinated and sterilized, as well as giving you and them some unconditional love.

Koh Samui – Thailand:

We are partnering with Pariah Dog Koh Samui to undertake a sterilization project as part of World Spay day 2017.

This project is still in very early planning and government approval stages, however its possible we may need a large group of volunteers including: Vets, Vet Nurses, Dog Catchers/Handlers, and general volunteers to assist with the project.

It is envisioned that the project will launch on World Spay day (February 28th 2017) and run for 3-5 days, with the aim of sterilizing around 500 street dogs on the island of Koh Samui.

If you are interested in volunteering and can spare a week around that date, please email us:



We are looking to fill several part-time volunteer roles. Thanks to the internet you can be anywhere in the world and still work with us.

Project Manager: 2018 Calendars.

This role is approximately  50-100 hours for the entire project.

As the Project manager for our Calendars you will be responsible for all aspects of the Project – working with the designer to get the design done on time. Sourcing a printer that will print good quality calendars within our budget. (located in either Australia, Bali or Thailand) . Then coordinating delivery of the calendars to Australia, Bali and various other overseas locations where we have volunteers selling calendars.

You will be fully supported in this role by the Administration Manager & Designer.
High level organisational skills are required, high levels of patience are also desirable, good attention to detail and a commitment to getting the project completed on time is essential.

Work hours that suit you, and help bring the plight of the Bali Dogs to a wider audience.

Sales Representative.

This role is approximately  one-four hours per week.

As our Sales Representative you will be approaching companies and organisations for Sponsorship opportunities.

Including: Adoption Days, Dog Squad, Education, Medical Care and Sterilization Days.
Sponsorship opportunities vary in price and are fully tax deductible.

You will be fully supported in this role by the Administration Manager, marketing collateral and strategies are already in place and ready to be deployed.
BARC is a registered Indonesian Yayasan (Charity) and a DGR registered Australian Charity.
Work hours that suit you, and help bring the plight of the Bali Dogs to a wider audience.
Payment via commission 10% of funds raised.

Donation Sniffer.

As a donation sniffer you can choose what you do and how much of it you do!
We need help all over Australia/America/England to secure donations.
You can help with:
Distributing donation tins to busy shops in your area – then collecting tins when full and banking the money
Approaching Vets for donations of medication
Approaching Pet stores for donations of supplies, like toys & bowels
Approaching Chemists for donations of vitamins
Approaching hotels for donations of old linen and towels

Work hours that suit you, and help bring the plight of the Bali Dogs to a wider audience.



Australia (all capital cities) to Bali, or Bali to Australia (Perth), or Koh Samui to Bali, or Australia (Melbourne) to Koh Samui

We Have donations that need to get from Australia to Bali & Koh Samui, and we have merchandise that needs to get from Koh Samui and Bali to Australia.

If you are travelling and can spare some kilos to help the dogs, we would be most grateful.

For more information on any of these roles please email us admin@barc4balidogs.org.au.